Three scenarios that might change your auto insurance needs

It’s important to periodically update your auto insurance coverage depending on your changing needs. At the Michael Taylor Agency, we offer a variety of auto insurance options to meet your needs in Columbia, SC.

You buy a new vehicle.

Reevaluate your insurance coverage needs when you buy a new vehicle. A vehicle that’s worth more money will be more expensive to insure.

You have to discuss a new vehicle purchase with your insurance provider. Remember that insurance coverage is unique to your vehicle. You need to let your insurance provider adjust your policy to change your vehicle ownership. 

Your credit improves.

It’s a good idea to look around for new insurance policy options if your credit improves. Improvements in your credit score can bring down your insurance costs or at least improve the quality of the insurance coverage you can receive at the same price. 

Therefore, you might want to get quotes on policies if you know your credit score has gone up. You might find that you can save a good amount on your policy by switching after credit score changes. 

You move to a different state.

Liability requirements on auto insurance policies vary by state. If you relocate to a different state, you’ll have to meet a different set of liability requirements.

If you move to a new state, you’ll switch your residency and driver’s license to a different state. You might end up wanting to completely change your auto insurance coverage. 

Shop around for insurance coverage in your new state. Adjust your liability coverage to the unique requirements in your new state of residence. 

At the Michael Taylor Agency, we’re here to answer any questions you have about auto insurance in Columbia, SC. Contact us to learn more about our insurance policies. 

Should You Keep Your Full Coverage On Your Paid Off Vehicle?

When you make that final payment on your vehicle you will feel a sense of pride and relief. And you may be tempted to lower your auto insurance to the bare minimum once that loan requirement is relieved and you are no longer under obligation to do so. At Michael Taylor Agency we urge you to keep full coverage for your own convenience and protection. We serve Columbia, SC and the surrounding area with quality comprehensive insurance services and our clients know they can rely on us through it all. 

The main reason to keep your full coverage is the fact that your chances of an accident while driving do not reduce when you pay off your vehicle. The main thing that does change is your loan company’s risk and your chances of having to pay on a vehicle that is damaged or totaled. Your full coverage protects you and the loan company while you are paying on the car. After you paid it off, you deserve the same amount of protection and coverage even if you do not owe anyone for the vehicle anymore. A motor vehicle accident can happen even to the most careful driver, and insurance is about protecting more than the vehicle. Keep yourself, your passengers, and even other drivers under a blanket of protection while you enjoy the open road by keeping your full coverage. The peace of mind alone is worth keeping the status quo, and if you do ever get in an accident you will be glad that you made the choice to hold yourself at the same value that your loan company did. 

Contact us at Michael Taylor Agency to discuss your specific vehicle, full coverage vs. state minimum benefits, and for a quote for either service. We proudly serve the people in and around Columbia, SC and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our insurance services and your specific needs. 

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

It is useful to know the types of coverage when you’re looking for auto insurance. With the right coverage, you’ll know whether you’re covered for specific incidents that may occur. There are many types that include basic coverage, which may be required by the state that you’re in. In Columbia, SC, you must have a certain amount of liability insurance, uninsured motorist, and underinsured motorist coverage. Michael Taylor Agency can help you with that.

Basic and Secondary Insurance Types

  • Liability insurance – protects you by covering damages and injuries from an accident that is deemed to be your fault.

  • Comprehensive coverage – is insurance for your vehicle if it becomes damaged as a result of anything other than a car accident, such as vandalism, fire, or theft.

  • Collision coverage – is enabled when you collide with another vehicle or object.

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists – is coverage that sometimes used together. It can cover damages to your vehicle if the other driver leaves the scene or is not fully covered.

  • Personal Injury Protection – covers medical expenses. Depending on your policy limits, you could have complete medical coverage of an injured individual.

Miscellaneous Insurance Types

  • Rental reimbursement insurance – covers the cost of a rental if you need a vehicle while yours is being repaired after an accident.

  • Classic car insurance – is for vintage vehicles and specific older model cars.

  • Gap insurance – offers insurance coverage that protects you over your auto insurance limits.

Although you do not necessarily have to purchase the maximum amount of car insurance, it is a good idea to have some coverage in case of an accident. If you are found responsible for an accident, you could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and vehicle repairs. In Columbia, SC, Michael Taylor Agency can help you secure auto insurance for your vehicle.

Tips to Help You When Picking Your First Auto Insurance Policy

At Michael Taylor Agency, serving the Columbia, SC area, we understand that buying your first auto insurance policy can be both exciting and overwhelming. We want to do as much as we can to ensure the experience is a positive one and one that you can walk away from feeling comfortable and confident. Here are a few tips that you should follow as you go about picking your first auto insurance policy. 

Learn Auto Insurance Terms

Prior to searching for an auto insurance policy, take the time to research common auto insurance terms that are used that you may not fully understand. Terms such as comprehensive coverage, collision insurance, deductible and policy limits are all important terms that you need to understand before selecting an auto insurance policy. Educating yourself on the meaning of these terms can help ensure you understand what you are and are not getting when you select an auto insurance policy. 

Decide How Much Insurance You Need

Another important tip is to decide how much insurance you need. It is beneficial to most people to purchase more than the state minimum for auto insurance. A great insurance agent can sit down with you and help you determine how much insurance you need. But there are calculators online that can also help you decide. 

Compare Prices and Reputation

Lastly, take the time to get quotes for auto insurance and then compare prices and the reputation of companies providing you with these quotes. Cheaper is not always better, but comparing price and reputation will guide you to a reputable and fairly-priced company. 

When you are ready to buy your first auto insurance policy in the greater Columbia, SC area, let Michael Taylor Agency help you. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment with us and let us help guide you toward your ideal auto insurance policy. 

What to Do After a Car Accident

Your world has just flipped upside down, possibly literally, and you’re walking out of the haze of a car accident. What do you do next? Hopefully, you’re reading this before you actually get in an accident so you’ll know what to do.

Unfortunately, car accidents happen all too often in Columbia, SC, but Michael Taylor Agency is here to help every step of the way. Obviously, the very first order of business is to check and make sure everyone is okay and call 911 if needed. Safety is the number one concern, so after you have checked on everyone, move your vehicle out of the roadway and into a safe place if possible.

Once the scene is safe and emergency personnel are on the scene, then it’s time to start thinking about insurance. No matter who is at fault, you need to make it your responsibility to gather all the information needed- don’t rely on someone else to get everything. You’ll need to get some information from the other driver, including their name, their insurance information, their license plate number, the make and model of their car, and their vehicle identification number (VIN). You should also make sure you get the names of any responding officers at the scene.

It’s also really important to take note of what the scene looks like and take some pictures. Make sure you know where exactly the accident took place and take pictures of the cars involved, the damage, and the surrounding area.

Once you’ve done all that and gathered information, you’ll be ready to file an insurance claim. Contact Michael Insurance Agency, serving Columbia, SC, once you’re ready to make your insurance claim and we will take care of you from there.

Can Traffic Tickets Affect Your Insurance Premiums?

Drivers who live in or near the Columbia, SC area should always be aware of their driving record. Many people don’t realize that an accident isn’t the only thing that will affect your insurance premiums. The agents at Michael Taylor Agency understand the frustration when a driver gets a ticket. They can help you, as a driver, understand what happens with your driving record when you get a ticket or citation.

Maintaining a Good Driving Record

Maintaining a good driving record involves obeying traffic laws, driving the posted speed, and trying not to receive a citation or be involved in an accident. OnStar offers a safe driving app that will allow you to see how well you score against other drivers regarding hard braking, speeding, and using your turn signals. This app can be downloaded onto your phone if you have OnStar in your vehicle. It’s a great way to find out if there are any areas where you need a little improvement.

Tickets vs. Accidents

Just like accidents, tickets can also have an impact on your insurance premiums. One ticket may not make a huge difference, and in some cases may be overlooked. Receiving several tickets for the same type of offense, however, starts to identify a pattern that could eventually be costly. 

At the Michael Taylor Agency, the agents are always available to discuss your insurance options. If you live in Rock Hill, Columbia, SC, or any of the surrounding communities, call and schedule an appointment. They will help you understand the legal ramifications of receiving multiple tickets as well as how it can affect your eligibility when it comes to applying or renewing an insurance policy.



What Can Happen If You Don’t Have Auto Insurance?

When you own a vehicle in Columbia, SC, you also need to have an auto insurance policy in place. It is illegal to drive without the state minimum amounts of coverage on your vehicle. Whether you just got a vehicle and you need to get coverage or your current policy is about to end, you need to make sure you get coverage as soon as possible. If you do not, here at Michael Taylor Agency, we know that the penalties can really cause a problem for you. 

South Carolina is a state that uses AILR which stands for Automobile Insurance Liability Reporting System. With this system, if you were to cancel or let a policy lapse, the insurance provider will immediately notify the DMV of the cancelation. With this new system in place, there is no hiding from the government. The DMV will send a letter, and you will have 20 days to prove that you do have sufficient coverage. If you fail to do so, you face having your license and vehicle registration suspended, and you may lose your right to operate any vehicle. You will also have to pay at least $200 in reinstatement fees to bring all of these things current when you do get adequate insurance coverage. 

As you can see, you want to make sure that you have at least the minimum about of coverage through an auto insurance policy. This is not something that you want to leave to chance. If you do not currently have a policy in place, are not sure if your current policy meets the minimum requirements, or if you are simply looking for a new policy, make sure you contact us at Michael Taylor Agency, serving Columbia, SC, today. We can provide you with a free quote for coverage and can make sure that you have the minimum amount of coverage as soon as possible.