Retirement insurance: How it works

In the U.S., "Retirement insurance" refers specifically to the payments made by the Social Security Administration for those who have reached the age of sixty-two. This is where you collect on your benefits after a lifetime of paying into social security. The payments are generally modest but enough for most retirees to get by, or to help them with some supplemental income each month. However, this shouldn’t be the entirety of your retirement insurance plan. Michael Taylor Agency can help Columbia, SC retirees to live a much more secure life post-retirement.

So the question is, then, what other insurance is important in your retirement years?

Different people will, of course, have different priorities, but for most, retirement insurance will come down to life insurance, property insurance, auto insurance, and possibly an umbrella policy. Life insurance is especially important if you have dependents or want to be able to help your family out when you’re no longer around. Making sure that you have enough coming to your family for funeral expenses and other arrangements can be a very big help. An umbrella policy can also be very helpful as it offers an extra reserve of coverage to dip into when your other policies reach their limit.

It has been shown that while retirees often take in less income than they did at a younger age, they are better at saving and spending money than ever before. A lifetime of experience goes a long way in financial planning. Michael Taylor Agency can help you to devise the plan you need to make sure that your family in Columbia, SC are taken care of.