Is there an Insurance Policy to Protect Your Retirement?

If you are getting ready to retire in the Columbia, SC area, you probably have a nice nest egg designed to provide a steady income for the next twenty years. But what happens if you are faced with huge hospital bills or are involved in a major auto accident? It can all be gone in an instant. Your retirement specialist at Michael Taylor Agency encourages you to discuss insurance products designed to keep the cost of living affordable and predictable.

Umbrella Insurance Leaves Your Savings in the Bank

When your net worth climbs to a half million or more, you become a target. You could be faced with a costly lawsuit if somebody suffers from an accident you may have caused. Instead of emptying your retirement fund or having to sell your home, umbrella insurance could cover the added expense and only cost you a few dollars a month.

Supplemental Insurance for Medicare Keeps Health Affordable

You are beginning to collect your benefits from the government, including having Medicare cover many of your health costs. But prescriptions and a large portion of costs remain your responsibility. A supplemental health insurance policy helps to keep those costs down, and you will know how much to budget for each month.

Talk about Long-Term Disability and Nursing Home Costs

Finally, should you or your spouse’s health suddenly decline, you may require nursing home support. If you leave your estate unprotected, you could blow through your nest egg in just a few months. A long-term disability policy can provide the help you need without stripping you of your house and standard of living. 

Look forward to a retirement free from financial worries when you work with your agent at Michael Taylor Agency and enjoy your years taking advantage of everything Columbia, SC has to offer.