Reviewing All Your Insurance Policies for a Comfortable Retirement

Part of planning for a comfortable retirement in Rock Hill or Columbia, SC is taking a good look at the insurance policies that you have carried with the Michael Taylor Agency and make sure that they still work with your current income and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at a few tips that could help you and your family.

Review Your Liability Coverage to Protect the Nest Egg

When you are on a fixed income, the possibility of having to pay out a large settlement to somebody who tripped on your front walk, at the beach house, or on your boat could empty your savings accounts. Check the liability maximums on your home and auto insurance policies. Consider adding umbrella insurance for added protection.

Medigap Insurance Keeps You on a Predictable Monthly Budget

While Medicare does kick in for your retirement, it doesn’t always take care of the rising costs of prescriptions or visits to your specialist. A good Medigap insurance policy can help you stay healthy without taking a large chunk out of your monthly budget. Sitting down with an insurance professional can help you find the policy that best fits your situation.

Consider Your Deductibles on Auto and Home Insurance

In the past, you have raised the deductibles for your insurance policies to save on the cost of the coverage. Now that high deductible might be more of a burden. It might be time to lower it so that accidents remain an inconvenience, not a severe hit to your financial stability.

For more ideas on how to plan for a retirement in Rock Hill or Columbia, SC that provides peace of mind along with a comfortable lifestyle, give us a call at Michael Taylor Agency and set up an appointment with our retirement specialists today.