Can I cash out my life insurance policy?

Rock Hill and Columbia, SC residents who are interested in buying a new life insurance policy can contact the agents at Michael Taylor Agency for advice. They sell various types of life insurance policies and will make sure the right policy is chosen depending on your needs and goals. Many people want a simple policy that covers their final expenses with whatever is left given to family or friends. A term life insurance policy is an affordable way to meet those goals. 

Term Life Policies

Term life policies also offer the option of borrowing against the policy when enough equity has been established. If you choose to borrow against the policy, you can make an additional payment every month until the loan is paid off or add a specific number of payments at the end until the policy has matured. While most people choose not to touch their life insurance equity, the option is extremely beneficial if an emergency occurs.

Building Usable Equity

A term life insurance policy is set to have a specific number of payments and a maturity date. Once you have started to establish equity by making regular payments, the policy begins to build in value so that it contains usable equity if you ever need it. It’s important to remember that what you borrow will not be available later unless you pay it back into the policy.

If you live in Rock Hill or Columbia, SC and are interested in learning about term life policies and their benefits, call the agents at Michael Taylor Agency and talk to one of the agents. They will go over your needs and find the policy that will work best for you.