Types of insurance a retiree might need

Every working individual in Columbia, SC will one day leave the working world behind and settle in retirement mode. One of the things that will change significantly is your financial needs. You will no longer be dependable on that monthly salary you were getting while working but instead living off those retirement savings, you have saved diligently over the years.

Aside from your retirement savings, the types of insurance policies you have also played a critical role in your financial matters. That is why at Michael Taylor Agency, we recommend retirees to have these types of insurance.

Medical insurance

Healthcare cost is increasingly going high in Columbia. Therefore, it’s prudent that aging retirees purchase medical insurance that will help cover costly medical bills for major illnesses that comes with advanced age. Most seniors at or beyond the age of 65 are eligible for Medicare. Seniors who are still working at this age may also get benefits through their job.

Life insurance

While the critical purpose of life insurance is to replace lost income, a retiree may want to keep this coverage if they owe someone, have dependents or spouse who may benefit from the wealth that will be left behind once they’re no more.


An annuity simply protects one from running out of finances. It is a particular type of retirement insurance where you hand over a huge sum of money to an insurance company like Michael Taylor Agency in exchange for future payments. How the payments are calculated entirely depends on the type of annuity you choose. 

Annuities are typically the best for retirees who want to remain stress-free and secure about their source of income. For quotes and policy discussion visit us at Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC today.