Is there a specific age limit to get a life insurance policy?

You have probably heard of the phrase that “the younger you are, the healthier you are and the less expensive your life insurance is.” Purchasing life insurance early enough ensures that those you leave behind upon your demise are financially shielded, and other expenses like your end of life expenses and burial are handled.

Is there a limit?

Life insurance is age-banded. This means that with every passing year, the policy gets more expensive. At Michael Taylor Agency, we advise our insurance holders to buy life insurance early, as the optimal age for purchasing life insurance is generally cheaper right after birth. In truth, age is a determining factor. Premiums are more expensive for older people than for young people. However, those who wish to buy life insurance at a later age are allowed to do so up to the age of 90 years.

Do you have dependents?

The most influential reason for purchasing life insurance is the number of people who depend on you financially. If you are still working and have children or a spouse who depends on your income, then it makes sense buying insurance at a later age.

Do you have assets?

Your car, home, business, and other assets around Rock Hill or Columbia, SC will need to be taken care of once you are gone. If your assets are on loans and debts, life insurance can help assure your family that they are financially protected and not burdened by large sums of payments in the future.

If you are looking to buy life insurance, you may need to contact your insurance provider to know the age limit, which ranges from a maximum of 75 to 90 years. Reach us at Michael Taylor Agency serving in Columbia, SC for more information and policy inquiries.