How Does Retirement Insurance Work?

When searching online for retirement insurance policies, you’re probably bombarded with search results chock-full of information relating to health insurance as a retiree. What you’re probably searching for, though, is a type of insurance that supplements you financially during retirement. And while health insurance for retirees is part of the insurance that you can benefit from, there are actually several types that you should consider. Here at the Michael Taylor Agency serving the Columbia, SC area, we’ve put together a quick guide on retirement insurance and the types you may need. 

Health Insurance

No matter your age, you need health insurance. Once you retire, if you can no longer purchase insurance through your employer, you can always turn to the healthcare marketplace to find a policy. A seasoned insurance agent from our agency can help you customize a health insurance policy to meet your exact needs. 

Long-Term Care Insurance

This type of insurance is needed during retirement because there will likely come a point when you may need long-term care of some sort, which can be extremely expensive. Long-term care insurance is great for providing assistance with in-home care as well as nursing home services.

Early Retirement Medical Insurance and Supplemental Medicare Insurance

An early retirement medical insurance policy is ideal for those who intend to retire early and need help paying for the costs of health insurance until they qualify for Medicare at the age of 65. Not everyone benefits from this type of policy, so it’s important to discuss its pros and cons before investing in one. 

If you would like to learn more about retirement insurance and the various types that you may need, please contact Michael Taylor Agency serving the Columbia, SC area.