Common Life Insurance Myths

At Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC, we always have a rough time explaining to some of our clients why they should get life insurance. The decision to get a life insurance policy is usually met with confusion, hesitation, or even denial. Eventually, it is not a comfortable subject to even think or discuss. But, ask yourself, what if you die? As for matters of protecting your family with this policy, it is essential to split facts from fiction.

To begin, learn some truth or facts about common insurance myths. This step will change your mentality and assist you in making sober decisions about getting life insurance coverage.

Myth#1: If you’re young and single, you don’t require life insurance

Even without kids, your aging parents or siblings dependent on you will still need money to pay for hospital bills, debts, and other expenses. When you die, you may leave them in financial limbo. 

Besides, you don’t intend to remain single for life. Later in life, you will get married and have children who will need your financial support once you are gone. For this reason, you need life insurance today. Better yet, you will get favorable premiums when young.

Myth#2: Life insurance is for individuals only

While life insurance protects individuals with dependents and debts, this policy suits businesses, too. Proceeds from life insurance can be used to settle business loans. Besides, the proceeds can be used to cushion your employees and business partners as they think about the future course of action.

Myth#3: Life insurance is expensive

Many people overestimate the price of life insurance and end up not buying the policy. However, life insurance is affordable to almost everyone, depending on the amount and type of coverage you need. For starters, you can begin with a policy that suits your budget, and later on, you can get additional coverage.

Get life insurance today!

No matter who or where you are, it is recommendable to cover your assets and loved ones with life insurance. For further inquiries, contact Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC today.