A Guide to Home Insurance—Tips for First Time Buyers

A home is one of the most significant purchases a person makes in their life. That’s why you need to do all you can to protect it. One of the ways of doing this is getting homeowner’s insurance. On top of having peace of mind that your investment is well protected, some situations might make it mandatory for you to insure your home. 

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Common Causes of Home Losses

Some of the most common home damages include hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, theft, and earthquakes. When choosing insurance coverage, it’s advisable to consider the damages that mostly occur in your specific area. At Michael Taylor Agency, serving Columbia SC, we consider your location to determine the occurrences that are most likely to happen when advising you on the best cover to take. 

Does The Law Require You to Have Home Insurance?

The law doesn’t require you to have home insurance. Deciding whether to insure your home or not is a personal decision. However, if your home is on a mortgage, your lenders might make it a requirement to have insurance coverage. 

Which Factors Determine How Much You Pay for Home Insurance Coverage?

Some of the factors that determine how much you pay for insurance include the location of your home, its square footage, and the probability of natural disasters occurring. Mostly, the larger your home, the higher the amount you pay for insurance. Similarly, if your area is more prone to natural calamities, you will pay more. 

A home is expensive to build and maintain. Unfortunately, things happen when least expected. With insurance coverage, you can always be at peace knowing that your home is protected all the time.

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