Life insurance FAQs

If you don’t have a lot of questions about life insurance, you are in the minority. Life insurance is not well understood by a majority of people. You can rely on Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC, your local independent agency, to have the answers you need when it comes to choosing life insurance. 

The best time to buy life insurance?

Life insurance is the most affordable when you are young and healthy, but the best time to buy life insurance is before you need it. 

Do I need to buy life insurance if I get it from my employer?

Yes, you do. There is no guarantee that you will stay with your current employer forever and you might lose your life insurance. It is better if you buy your own life insurance and then you are in control of the policy and the amount. 

Do I need life insurance if I am not married?

Whether or not you are married is not the determining factor. What is more important is if someone is dependent on you. If someone needs your income to survive, then yes, you need life insurance even if you are not married. 

Should I buy whole life or term insurance?

Both types of life insurance have a place in financial long-term planning. Whole life will stay with you for your entire life and it earns dividends. You can borrow from the cash value if the need arises. Term life insurance lasts for a set term and is more affordable. It is right for the times when you need large amounts of life insurance. You are paying strictly for the protection. When the term is over, there is no cash value. 

In Columbia, SC, Michael Taylor Agency is your local agency to contact when you have life insurance questions and needs.