South Carolina Auto Insurance: 3 Things To Keep In Your Car for Emergencies

You never want to find yourself in a position where you are stranded, and the end isn’t in sight. Emergencies can happen at any time on the road. Not everyone wants to keep an emergency kit in their vehicle, but you can stock your car with a few essentials in the event of an emergency.

At Michael Taylor Agency, we want Columbia, SC drivers to be prepared for any problem that could arise on the road. Keep these things in your car and you will be less worried when an emergency happens.

Food and Water

If you are stranded due to a breakdown, or a problem on the road, you may not know how long you will be there for. Have some non-perishable food items in your car like some nutrition or candy bars, and some bottled water, so that you have something if you get stuck. If you have more than one person in the car with you most of the time, have enough for everybody.

Back-Up Tech and Maps

When you have an emergency on the road, you may have a phone or tech problem. Your battery may run out just from waiting for help. Have a backup plan. A prepaid phone with enough balance for a few calls can save the day in an emergency. 

If you rely on your tech for maps and navigation, have some spare paper maps in your car as your backup in the event that your tech goes out.

First Aid

Add to your first aid kit if you don’t already have one. Make sure it is a complete kit, with a few extras. It should include a seatbelt cutter, a flashlight, antiseptic, and bandages to start. Anything extra will help, but those could be lifesavers in an emergency.

Get Roadside Assistance

When you are driving in Columbia, SC, anything can happen. At Michael Taylor Agency, we can help you to update your South Carolina auto insurance policy to include roadside assistance. Call us for a quote today.