Texting Accident Statistics

You’ve heard a million times that you shouldn’t text and drive, yet many people still participate in this dangerous behavior. Here at the Michael Taylor Agency, serving Columbia, SC, and the surrounding areas, we want to help keep our clients safe on the road. Keep reading to learn more about texting accident statistics. 

The Facts 

The NHTSA reported in 2020 that about 30,000 accidents in total are the result of texting-related distracted driving. They also report that 13% of fatal crashes were linked to texting and driving. These sobering numbers should give us all a wake-up call concerning our driving behaviors. 

The Problem 

Texting and driving remain a problem because many people struggle to believe that they are really that distracted. They have been texting and driving for so long that they feel that they are capable of this practice now and can handle the risk. This is the same mindset that accompanies driving while intoxicated. People believe they are the exception to the rule and can handle the risk. 

The Solution 

Today’s technology has provided many options to reduce or eliminate texting and driving. For those who feel that they must still stay connected to their phones while driving, Bluetooth technology is always available to talk hands-free and even to respond to text messages hands-free. This technology allows you to hear the message sent to you and speak out a response that is sent back. There is no reason to keep texting and driving when this tech is available. 

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