Reasons to Update Your Home Insurance

Home insurance may not always be on your mind, but it does need some attention, at least a review annually. Changes to your lifestyle, home, or family can impact your insurance coverage or costs. By not updating your policy regularly, you could be missing out on insurance protection or discounts on your premium. If you’ve experienced any of the following changes in your home or family over the last year, it’s time to update your home insurance from Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC.

Major Home Remodel

Significant renovations in your home, such as kitchen or bathroom remodel, will add substantial value to your property. You may need to increase your dwelling coverage to ensure these structural changes and that your home has adequate protection against damage or loss.

Home Security

Home improvements that boost the security and safety of your property could warrant a discount on your home insurance. These include upgrading your electrical or plumbing system, installing a new security system, getting replacement windows or a new roof. By updating your policy, you can benefit from lower home insurance costs.

Changes in Your Household

The members of your family are covered under your home insurance policy. If you receive new people into your home, such as elderly parents, a new baby, adopted children, or adult children who move back in for whatever reason, you’ll need to update your policy to add them to your coverage.

Acquiring an Expensive Item

Your valuables are protected under the property coverage of your policy. New high-end acquisitions or gifts must be added to your policy to protect against theft or damage. Some items may need a rider (extra coverage) to cover their value fully.

For professional help in maintaining accurate home insurance protection for you and your family, contact Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC.