I’m In The Army and Need Life Insurance

So you’ve decided to be all you can be. You’re in uniform and serving your country. Besides your paycheck, Uncle Sam takes care of your food, lodging, and medical care, among other things. But what about insurance? If you are an active duty service member, you are automatically enrolled in SGLI group life insurance. You may be thinking about what happens when you leave active duty. You might want those same benefits as a veteran. 

What You’ve Got Now

An active-duty servicemember is offered group life insurance of up to $400,000, known as Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance. You can opt out of it, but this may be the best deal you will get. This will give your beneficiary your death benefit should the worst happen while you are enlisted. 

What You’ll Have Later 

When you are no longer on active duty, you will lose your SGLI. Three to five days before you exit the military, you will participate in the transition assistance program, during which you will discuss switching to Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI). You will then have 240 days to make the switch, or you will have to prove you are healthy enough to qualify. VGLI has the same benefits as SGLI, but the rates increase every five years unless you are disabled. 

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