Life Insurance Options for Smokers

A growing number of Columbia, SC residents want life insurance but feel limited because they smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes daily. We at Michael Taylor Agency can help you overcome this problem and provide you with the excellent life insurance policy that you deserve. 

Smokers Will Struggle to Find Life Insurance 

While a smoking habit doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get life insurance, it can make the situation a challenge. For example, you may find that companies increase your payments or limit your coverage to certain kinds of diseases. This situation is understandable, as smoking decreases your lifespan, but is very frustrating indeed. And smokers shouldn’t hide their habit, as your doctor will tell your providers. 

Limitations Aren’t Just for Smoking 

If you don’t smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes but do chew, vape, or use snuff, you may still find your coverage limited. Simply put, your body is still exposed to nicotine, which can damage various elements of your health. However, your limitations and increased costs will likely be less severe because smoking is much more dangerous and unhealthy. 

Marijuana Use May Affect Coverage 

The legalization of recreational marijuana in many states could have a profound effect on many insurance rates. Simply put, marijuana smoking is a problematic health issue that many providers may punish you for doing. Some providers may even deny you coverage also though smoking marijuana is legal in your state. Or they may allow coverage if your marijuana use is medicinal. 

Let Us Help You 

If you are struggling to quit smoking but need great life insurance in Columbia, SC, please contact us at Michael Taylor Agency to learn more about how we can help. We’ll figure out a life insurance policy that meets your needs and will fight as hard as possible to limit your excess costs.