What Types of Life Insurance Are There?

Life insurance is a voluntary financial instrument helpful in passing wealth down to inheritors and is not mandatory by law for Columbia, SC residents to purchase. Below are some of the more common kinds of life insurance available. 

Term Life Insurance

This type of indemnification lasts for a specific number of years, during which your beneficiaries will receive a payout if you pass away. When the term expires, your insurance is considered null and void. This coverage will often carry the lowest premiums; the typical cap is thirty years. Limits can sometimes go as high as millions of dollars, and you can choose a policy that renews annually. 

Whole Life Insurance 

A policy of this category will last your entire lifetime, paying out a death benefit to your beneficiaries. Premiums generally stay the same, are fixed, and must be current for the payout feature to be considered valid. Your knowledgeable Michael Taylor Agency representative can give you more specific information about what is included in this coverage. 

Universal Life Insurance 

This is a subset of permanent life insurance and usually has a cash value component, allowing you to take out loans against the savings you have accumulated. Your premiums can be deferred on a temporary basis while being paid from this fund, but the money does need to be paid back. Any outstanding balance is subtracted from the payout at your passing, and the savings function tends to operate on a tax-deferred basis. 

Michael Taylor Agency Can Help

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How to keep a car safe in a hurricane

It’s no secret that a car is one of a person’s most important possessions. In the event of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, it’s crucial to take steps to protect your car from damage. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

  1.  Make sure your car is in good shape before a hurricane hits by regularly checking the engine, tires, brakes, and fluid levels. This ensures that your vehicle will be able to withstand wind and rain without any major problems.
  2. Please fill up your gas tank before a hurricane, and keep it full throughout the storm. This will ensure that you always have enough fuel to get out of harm’s way if necessary and can help prevent your car from being damaged by flooding.
  3. Store food and water in the car if you need to evacuate or are stranded for an extended period. Pack a first-aid kit and essential supplies, such as flashlights, batteries, and a radio.
  4. If possible, park your car in a safe place during the storm. This could be an underground garage or parking lot that is out of the direct path of high winds or flooding. Avoid parking under trees or power lines that might fall on your car during the storm.

Taking the necessary precautions before a hurricane can help ensure your car is safe from damage. By following these tips, you can ensure that your vehicle is as prepared as possible for whatever might come its way. If you have any other questions about keeping your car safe or insurance coverage, give Michael Taylor Agency a call today. We proudly serve the Columbia, SC area.

Can You Change Life Insurance Beneficiaries or Do You Need to Get a New Life Insurance Policy?

At Michael Taylor Agency, serving the Columbia, SC area, one of the different types of insurance products we offer is life insurance. Life does not always remain the same, and as such, you may decide that you want to leave your life insurance policy to someone new. When this happens, you may wonder if you can change your life insurance beneficiaries or whether you need to get a new life insurance policy altogether. Read on to learn the answer to this question. 

Can You Change the Beneficiary Of Your Life Insurance Policy? 

As long as your life insurance policy has revocable beneficiaries, you can change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy. It is vital that you cannot modify a will to change the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You have to change the beneficiary with the insurance company itself. If you do not own the life insurance policy, you will have to request that the person who owns the policy makes the request. 

How Do You Find Out If Beneficiaries Are Revocable? 

In most cases, life insurance beneficiaries are revocable. However, the beneficiary may not be revocable if the courts order you to obtain a policy and keep it in a spouse’s name. In most cases, the policy will specifically state whether the beneficiaries are revocable or not directly under the beneficiaries section. If you are unsure, an insurance agency can always read the policy and help you understand the terms of your specific policy. 

If you are looking to obtain a new life insurance policy or you are looking to change the beneficiary on an existing life insurance policy, Michael Taylor Agency, serving the greater Columbia, SC area, can help you. Call or email us to get started. 

Why Home Maintenance Is Important

Though you thought buying a home was the most challenging part of homeownership, the truth is that maintenance is equally important. 

Here are some reasons why. 

  • It protects your investment. Your home is your most significant investment, so why wouldn’t you want to take care of it? You will want it to last forever, so keep after it. 
  • It saves you money. Issues that are left untreated become bigger (and more expensive). A small leak may not seem like much, but over time, you may find yourself dealing with damage to the walls and floor. You may even have mold if you let it go. It is much better to fix little things than wait around until they become even worse! 
  • Your home will run better. When you do maintenance, your home will run more efficiently. Cleaning and changing filters in your HVAC system allow it to work better without having to work harder. Your appliances will also work better as long as you keep after them. 
  • You may void your warranty or even a homeowner’s insurance policy. If you don’t care for your HVAC system, why should they fix the fan for free? Your neglect made the fan work too hard, which caused it to break. The same goes for your insurance. If your roof leaked because you failed to check it regularly and clean the gutters, why should they pay for a new roof (as well as all of the damage done inside)?  

It is your job as a homeowner to take care of your investment so that it lasts a long time! 

If you want to protect your investment fully, you need to ensure that you have enough insurance for your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC. 

Funeral, Memorial, or Celebration of Life: What Are The Differences?

After someone passes away, three distinct types of services can be provided: funeral, memorial, and celebration of life. It’s essential to understand the difference between a funeral, memorial, and celebration of life to make the best decision for your loved one. Michael Taylor Agency of Columbia, SC is here to help you understand these differences.

Funeral Services

People will often hold a funeral service to honor someone who has died recently. The service usually occurs shortly after the person’s death and may be held at a funeral home, church, or other location. It is usually a formal service.


A memorial service is a ceremony to remember and honor a person who died. It is usually held after the person’s funeral but can be held anytime after death. A memorial service typically includes speeches or readings from family and friends. It is often a time for people to share memories of the person who died. Memorial services can be religious or non-religious.

Celebration of Life

A life service celebration can be held at any time after the person’s death. The purpose of the celebration of life service is for family and friends to remember the person’s life and to celebrate their legacy with music and food. It is often less formal and includes a more extensive gathering of individuals who knew the deceased.

Being Prepared

One of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones is to purchase life insurance. If you die, life insurance provides security for your family by replacing your income and covering expenses like the cost of a funeral and outstanding debts. It can also help your family maintain their standard of living and pursue their dreams.

If you’re looking for life insurance in Columbia, SC, Michael Taylor Agency is a great option. We offer a variety of life insurance products to meet your needs, and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right policy for your situation.

Three Ways to Increase the Safety of Your Teen’s Driving Experience

Driving is the most critical task for teens, but with this comes a lot of pressure. How can you increase the safety of your teen’s driving experience? Michael Taylor Agency of Columbia, SC presents these three ways you can protect your teen from harm while also helping them develop safe habits.

Discuss The Major Risk Of Driving

Teaching your teen about the dangers inherent in driving is vital in helping them develop safe habits. Teens need to be taught how to use their seat belts properly and know they shouldn’t drive while intoxicated or with passengers using their phones. It’s important to model good behavior when it comes to safety.

Set Realistic Expectations

You can’t expect a teen to drive like an adult, but you can set realistic expectations. Knowing your expectations will help keep your teen on track and help them understand what they can and cannot do while driving. Set time limits and rules for acceptable behavior. If you don’t set rules, your teen may feel free to drive however they please.

Install Safety Equipment

If you don’t already have it installed, ensure your car is equipped with safety equipment. This includes seat belts for the driver and passenger, a reflector for night-time driving, and a functioning first aid kit. Make sure nothing in your car could distract your teen from driving safely.

In Summary

It’s never too early to teach your teen how to drive safely. With a little effort, you can help your teen develop safe habits that will last a lifetime. These simple steps will help create a safer driving experience for both of you.

If you are a Columbia, SC parent with a teen driver, reach out to Michael Taylor Agency to learn about the importance of car insurance for all drivers.

How Do I Choose the Right Life Insurance Policy?

Know what a life insurance policy covers and how much you need. Ensure the policy you choose has the right coverage to protect your family if you die. 

Next, make sure the policy covers the health conditions that could cause you to die early, such as a heart condition, if necessary. 

Finally, make sure the policy has the flexibility to adapt to changes in your life, such as family changes or career changes. Michael Taylor Agency is your pal for cover inquiries in Columbia, SC! 

What Entails Choosing the Right Life Insurance Policy 

When choosing a life insurance policy, it’s important to select a provider with a solid financial standing and a plan with the coverage you need at a price you can afford. You’ll also want to ensure the policy fits your needs throughout the duration of the policy. 

Some people buy life insurance to provide a source of income for their families if they die. Other people purchase life insurance to pay for final expenses, such as funeral costs or mortgage balances. 

You may want a policy with a guaranteed pre-paid alternative. If you are no longer working, you may want to purchase a policy that offers a guaranteed term option. You can also consider other factors when choosing a policy, such as fixed or variable rate, the coverage you need, and how long you want the policy to last. 

While this is true in some cases, it’s also important to have a policy in place if you have financial obligations that your estate can’t cover. For example, most people have a mortgage or other debts that can’t be paid from the grave. 

The amount of protection that you need is another essential aspect. If you have a family that depends on your income, you will require more coverage than a person who’s financially independent and has no dependents. 

Parting Thoughts 

A combination of whole and term life insurance is typically recommended for the majority. Term insurance is the most affordable type of life insurance, and it’s a good option for most people since it’s intended to be temporary coverage. 

Whole life insurance is much more expensive but can have advantages for some people, such as a guaranteed rate of return on your investment. 

Most people will benefit most from a combination of both life insurance policies. Are you stuck in Columbia, SC? Don’t hesitate to seek help with Michael Taylor Agency.

Life insurance policies to cover burial expenses

Michael Taylor Agency is here to serve the insurance needs of the greater Columbia, SC community. If you want to make sure that your family doesn’t have to worry about your final expenses, call us today. We can help you find a policy that can help defray the cost of these expenses. 

Cover your burial expenses with a life insurance policy

Access to a death benefit can make dealing with the loss of a loved one a lot easier to deal with. There are no claims to file. Thus, the benefit is available to cover any funeral or burial costs without coming out of pocket to cover the expenses. Even if you have a significant estate with sufficient funds to cover these expenses, they may not always be readily available.

Many estates can languish in the probate process before they are settled. This means that it is up to you and your family to find the funds necessary to cover any immediate expenses related to your death. In some instances, this can be an undue burden that creates a lot of stress for someone who is already mourning the loss of a loved one.

Having a life insurance policy in place that will cover these expenses will allow your family to take care of immediate financial needs during their initial bereavement period. Fortunately, you can prepare your family for a smooth transition that takes care of their immediate needs upon your passing.

Call or stop by today!

Columbia, SC area residents can count on the folks at Michael Taylor Agency for all of their insurance needs. Call or stop by our office today if you want to make sure that your loved ones don’t have to worry about your end-of-life expenses.

Questions to ask before you decide how much life insurance you need

Life insurance is something you want to get right. You need to have the right amount and the correct type of insurance. To get to that point, you need to ask yourself some questions. Once you have the answers, talking to your local independent insurance agent can help you get the right amount. In Columbia, SC, you can count on the Michael Taylor Agency to provide you with the kind of service and customization you want. 

What do you want from your life insurance?

Are you purchasing your life insurance strictly for the death benefit?  If so, then term life insurance will provide what you need. If you want to end up with life insurance earning dividends and having a cash value you can borrow against, then whole life insurance may be more than what you have in mind. 

Who depends on your income?

Of all the things that need to be considered, who depends on you is one of the most important. If you support your aging parents, that is much different from having young children who are counting on you. 

How long will you need to supply support?  

Depending on the age of your dependents, you may need to supply support for a very long time. That means having a longer term on your term insurance. 

What is your income?

Your income affects the amount of life insurance you need to have. You are replacing your income with your dependents. You need to multiply your yearly income by the number of years you need to provide for. If you don’t need to supply all the amount they need to survive for the year, consider that. 

Contact the Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC for all your life insurance needs. We are happy to give you the personalized service you deserve.


How much life insurance is enough?

When the time comes to think about life insurance, you can count on the Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC  to be there to help you to get through the mounds of data and information to find out what amount is right for you. As independent insurance agents, we work for you, not one insurance company, and we can look through multiple carriers to get the right policy for your situation. 

Life insurance is not one size fits all. It needs to be customized to your personal needs and finances. Your annual income is a major determining factor in how much life insurance is enough for you. Providing for dependents who are used to having a breadwinner with a $50,000 income is different from those who survive someone who makes $150,000. 

First, ask yourself who depends on your income to survive? Do you have children? What are their ages? Does your spouse have an income separate from yours? All of these are questions you need to answer to develop an educated solution to how much life insurance is enough. 

Keep in mind that your spouse may not be able to work outside the home if you pass away. One parent raising children is much different from having two, and grief must be considered. Ensuring they have the money they need to take some recovery time will make the whole process much more manageable. 

How young are your children? If they are very young, you will need to care for them for much longer than if they are teens. Do you want to make sure they have enough money for college? Experts suggest between 7-10 years of your income is a figure to shoot for with your life insurance. 

Contact Michael Taylor Agency in Columbia, SC if you have life insurance needs and questions.