Types of Life Insurance Coverages

 Having a family comprising a spouse, children, or other beneficiaries who depend on you for their upkeep, you may wonder how your family would cope financially if you could not provide for them. As a Columbia SC resident, you can make sure that your family and loved ones do not suffer financial challenges from a personal tragedy by procuring outstanding life insurance at Michael Taylor Agency. If you are a young person and in excellent health, it’s time to consider how your loved ones will cope financially and emotionally upon your untimely demise.

Buying the right life insurance policy from a dignified insurance company in Columbia, SC may save your loved ones from financial ruin in the event of an unexpected tragedy. Regrettably, many Columbia SC residents wait to buy coverage until an illness or accident strikes making it a daunting task to land a reliable policy. Visit our offices today at Michael Taylor Agency offices. Our professional agents are available to conduct life insurance needs analysis to ensure that you get the coverage you need and the ultimate protection your loved ones require.

Types of life insurance coverage.

Term life insurance: This form of policy is designed to last for a given duration,probably10,20 or 30 years.When the specified term lapses, the coverage becomes null and void. A term life policy is the least expensive coverage option.

Whole life insurance: This form of policy does not get expired. Your policy will remain effective as long as you proceed to submit your premiums promptly. Your payments are converted into investments and culminate into equity that you can cash out when unexpected eventuality strikes.

Universal life insurance: It’s a flexible coverage that combines terms and real-life insurance benefits. A policyholder can utilize your accumulated earnings to settle your premium costs when necessary. It accrues cash value over time, and you can take loans against your equity.

Variable universal life insurance: It’s similar to universal life insurance in the sense that it’s flexible when it comes to settlement of premiums, and its cost of insurance increases over a while. This form of policy possesses a cash value account that does not pay a fixed rate of return.

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